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[FEED8] 2007-03-01 > 2007-03-08

FEED is proud to finally be able to show off what this unique artist has to offer with the EP "Cochlea". Krishve has a unique blend of weird sounds, interesting beats and wondrous ambientish moods. In this three track EP we are taken from Scala Media's paper sounds, to the beat-based Scala Tympani, a fresh take on twisted electronica, finally to the disorientating Scala Vestibuli with it's soft progression mingled with sounds of the world. Simply put, a must have!

"This "ep" is a stepping stone on my way to a full length release. It is a condensation of some thoughts on the powerful sound of paper, virtual mind percussion, out of body experiences, facing your demons and finding out that they are very real.." - Krishve

01 - Scala Media (Letter From N. Megson)
02 - Scala Tympani
03 - Scala Vestibuli

All tracks available for streaming from last.fm

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