What is FEED all about? Really?

FEED is my brainchild. When my web server broke down and I was forced to go on a limited bandwidth, the first FEED was created, although I didn't think of it that way then. Simply put, I released an EP on a few forums making it available for only one week. And it just hit me, it's an interesting form of releasing on the Internet. It gets to be somewhat of a virtual limited release. And as we all know, limited releases are cool... right? :-)

So the FEED net label was created to keep on doing these limited releases on a somwhat larger scale. All the details haven't been ironed out yet, and the direction might change at any time, but at the moment FEED will be the outlet for Y-feeder, and maybe even some other artists as we go along. The musical direction will be on _interesting_ electronic music (from my point of view). If anyone else than Y-feeeder will ever release on FEED, it has to be something I really REALLY think is exciting.

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