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Start Thinking With Your Glands

[FEED7] TIMESPAN 2007-01-30 > 2007-02-06

This made me close my eyes and just listen. And that's a rare quality in music nowadays. The three tracks has that playful but still serious feel to them, as if the joy of creation still lingers inside the sounds. It's soft, fuzzy, and downright beautiful electronic music at it's best.

"This had to be prouduced on the other side, past filters and barriers. A kind of biorhythmic accentuation of my inside brought through the
skin using high energies and subtle mind alterations.  So we have one part dystopic futurism, two parts shattered reality, one part bulldozing basslines and a pinch of the 'crackpot-genius powder' all compressed, converted and served digitally. Something like a five course dinner minced up and fed intravenously.." - p.n.a.c.

01 - Denri [feedit]
02 - Fear Will Do For Us What Needs To Be Done [equatedit]
03 - Trial and Horror

All tracks available for streaming from last.fm

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