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[FEED6] 2006-11-23 > 2006-11-30

When I first contacted E.Falz to make an album, I was hoping for something good. I didn't get that. Instead I got something fantastic! This release is filled with really nice atmospherical sounds arranged in intricate spasmic rhythms, as if ambient sounds would've gotten a nervous breakdown. It's tight, To put it short, this has in a short while gotten to be one of my favourite IDM/electronica releases to date!

"For this FEED release I have been playing around with recordings from varius construction sites, trying to create a tastfull cocktail of sharp, rusty drumpatterns and ambient sounds. Enjoy." - E.Falz

01 - subject to stress
02 - lateral cracks
03 - failure of strength
04 - deformation
05 - small stress
06 - exposure to liquid

All tracks available for streaming from last.fm

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